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Our company is fully regulated by the Finra and Sec 


Your funds are protected by industry leading security protocols 


We will never share your private data without your permission 

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Simple & secure access to buy, sell and use Bitcoin

Start your crypto ascent here, with simple solutions to invest, trade, and earn for assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Why BitCoin?


As more and more alternative investments become available, investors are looking for next-level diversification.
This is where Carivester Crypto Lab Ltd comes in as we handle the stress and let you focus on your core business.  

Choose your desire Plan to invest

In Carivester Crypto Lab Ltd you will receive profit every day, including weekends. You will enjoy perpetual profits each day of the month. Our system automatically sent the profit direct to your account through which you was Invested Here. Compounding is available in all plans. Hence you get the maximum profits with minimum risk possible.

What Others Say

Easy to use platform. Lots of products to invest in. 

Dave Martin

At last a professional platform for diversification of Crypto assets. Easy to navigate and transact. 

Sandra Smit

Honesty, promptness, and simplicity is what I have experienced with 

Leon Erasmus